unpopular opinion

Okay, I’ll be the first to say it. I just don’t get Lana Del Rey*. I don’t understand the fetishization of 1960’s convertibles, or of a counterculture that ages her core demographic by forty years on the long side of things. It feels like every album is background music for rich kids with drug-fueled ennui. Can you be existentially upset with your life if it’s trust-funded?

Maybe it’s the nature of youth to amble towards these nostalgic feelings. We haven’t experienced the deeply upsetting parts of life yet (for the most part), so we sip cocktails, dressed to the nines, and slouch around our parent’s mansions in an effort to feel these things and arbitrarily label ourselves older or wiser. If someone takes a candid insta photo of us looking dolefully at our reflection in the perfectly teal waters of the 36,000 gallon pool, all the better.

Listen to Lana’s new song, ‘Love’, here:

*related: I also really dislike Coachella - not a surprise considering it’s the same audience of drunk narcissistic rich kids sporting flower crowns.


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