new website, still not urban outfitters

Hey, this is a quick note to say we’ve migrated to a new website and posts will live here from now on. “Awesome”, you whisper to yourself, “now I can contribute shitpost-y comments in total anonymity!”. Yes, please comment, like, and subscribe!

Here’s a new playlist which, as always, doesn’t include the background tunes playing at urban outfitters.

Highlights include:

Saltland - I Only Wish This for You // A cello-centric song from Rebecca Yoon that mourns what could be.

Kyle Morton - Survivalist Fantasy // I can’t get this song out of my head, especially the imagery evoked by the last chorus. Check out Kyle’s band, Typhoon, if you’re into this.

Japandroids - North East South West // Near to the Wild Heart of Life is a much-needed, well, shot to the heart. Listening to this album makes me feel like I could be sweating in a mosh pit right now in some alternate universe, and the boundless enthusiasm of this band is SO. NEEDED. at the moment.

Cloud Nothings - Modern Act // Cloud Nothings also released an excellent new album this week.

Joni Mitchell - A Case Of You // to balance out all of the positivity (jk). I’ve found that wallowing in the occasional Joni Mitchell binge-listening session is an easily achievable method of self-care. Put your phone on silent, turn off the lights, and lie face down in your bed listening to Blue.

I’ll be adding new music throughout the month, so follow along on spotify!


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