not an urban outfitter’s mixtape

Hey y’all, I’m going to start posting spotify playlists with new recommendations on a semi-regular basis. My taste runs kind of but not too eclectic within the gamut of indie rock (but hopefully not in the ‘this is the mix playing at urban outfitters’ vein of eclectic).

Here are a few highlights from this season’s playlist:

Leif Vollebekk – a warm, soulful folk artist hailing from Ottawa (what is it with Canada churning out so many good folk artists lately?). His new album, Twin Solitude, comes out February 24th.

Cherry Glazerr – feminist, LA-based, guitar-focused dream pop*

Margaret Glaspy – serious Joni Mitchell vibez from this talented singer-songwriter

Diet Cig – +1 million to punk jammers like Diet Cig who are named for nothing but stand for everything.** I don’t need a man to hold my hand, either. Their first full-length album, Swear I’m Good At This drops on April 7th.

Torres – HOW did I not know about Torres until recently. Mackenzie Scott just fucking kills it with the vocals, songwriting, and stage presence.

Voxtrot – Okay I was going through some suuuuper old playlists, and this is one of my fave bands from ~2010. Voxtrot also broke up around then (typical), but their EPs remain solidly danceable indie pop.

*I love this quote on their bandcamp page:

When it comes to sweating the major shit, Cherry Glazerr live like they want to see others live. They don’t want to preach certain politics, they’d rather hold court for an open discourse. The subject of equality among the sexes, however, holds a special, unavoidable place for Clem, torchbearer for feminism in its raddest forms. That’s so key to her aesthetic that it’s the opening sentiment of Apocalipstick via the anthemic, disaster-laden ‘Told You I’d Be With The Guys’. The song documents Clem’s realization that she needed to establish solidarity with other women and stop being a “lone wolf”. “Sexism is so ingrained in me, I can often feel that men are the only ones who can help me socially, economically. The most important thing in my life is that I’ve realized I need to work for solidarity. That song’s both hopeful and dismal!” she laughs. Clem still feels the constant need to prove herself. “Women work from behind their oppression. In order to make good art you need to be emotionally free and sadly, not a lot of women are able to do that. That always puts a fire under my ass.”

**srs they just picked a random name for the band


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