a shameless plug for Greg

The orchestral nerd buried in my inner psyche wants to pipe up and tell you to check out Gregory Alan Isakov. Isakov is a massively underrated folk artist from Colorado (by way of South Africa, by way of Philly, by way of…multiple other cities) who just wrapped up a U.S. tour with various national symphony orchestras.

His albums are auditory saudade for long gone people and places, and a must-listen for anyone with poetic inclinations - or for lovers of melancholy in general.

you were a phonograph, i was a kid
i sat with an ear close, just listening
i was there when the rain tapped her way down your face
you were a miracle…i was just holdin’ your space

This Empty Northern Hemisphere:

Liars, ft. the Colorado Symphony Orchestra:

Covering “The Trapeze Swinger”:


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